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Our work is our passion and we pass this

on to our students

We are a young, experimental and trained team.

Knowing about the methodology of work in different countries, their culture and our own experience, gives us a privileged vision about our offer of educational programmes.

LexGo International came about as a project of a group of professionals who, after 10 years of living, travelling and working at different schools and universities around the world, decided to make their own programme and methodology.


During this time, we have given language classes and organised all sorts of trips and activities for our students; from linguistic immersion programmes with the youngest ones being 3 years old all the way up to groups of 60-year olds in adult education programmes in various universities.


Our work is our passion and we pass this on to our students. This is what our students notice and what makes us different. Our pride is to feel that we have contributed to generations of children learning languages through immersion and listening as well as playing and enjoying themselves, that our teenagers have their first contact with being abroad and make friends with people from countries who before were totally unknown to them, and that the older generation don´t think it´s too late to travel to another country and learn a language that they have always wanted to.

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